Who is Benefiting from the New Traffic Law Implemented in Lebanon?

Traffic Law Lebanon

A new traffic law was recently implemented in Lebanon. It is being taken very seriously by the authorities and of course the Lebanese Internal Security Forces. The reactions vary, some support the new traffic law others don’t. This blog post tackles the the implementation of the new traffic law from an economic point of view, and discusses how different parties in the economy will be benefiting from this traffic law.


Reflective Jackets traffic law lebanon

Reflective Jacket Dealers: 
Unexpected car crashes can happen in Lebanon, so a reflective jacket is a must in every car. And guess what, yeah they are more expensive now!


Car-sign Reflective traffic law lebanon

Reflective Car Signs Dealers:
So you need a sign in your car, and if you own a used car yours was probably stolen at the port, and you need to buy a new one. Chances are you will not find one that is a perfect fit for your car, and you will end up with an annoying noise in the trunk.


First-Aid-Kit Traffic Law Lebanon

First Aid Kit Dealers: 
According to the new traffic law, each car should have a first aid kit, this is great but uncommon in Lebanon. These first aid kits will be imported since a new market was created allowing new businesses to be created to existing businesses to expand their range of products.


Fire Extinguisher traffic law lebanon Car Fire Extinguisher Dealers:
If you were lucky enough you will be able to find one now, they are already overpriced due to the lack of supply, I am sure you can do the math.


Almaza Billboard traffic law lebanon

Billboard Advertising Agencies:
With the rise of social media, billboard advertising has witnessed a setback. Now that people are not allowed to use their cell phones while driving, the drivers have more time to check the billboards even when they are hidden behind trees.
Photo credit: plus961


Aishti Traffic Law Lebanon

Shops With Window Displays on the Roads:
It goes without say that people will need to check out the window displays while stuck in traffic, they have nothing else to do right! Well great news for the shops, they will have new customers 😉
Photo credit: TheBWD


BLuetooth Traffic Law LebanonCar Dealers and Electronics Shops:
When shopping for a car the Bluetooth option or hands free phone system become a must and the customer is now willing to pay for this option in case it is not available in the basic version of the car. Those who already have a car and are not connected will simply buy a new hands free system to answer their calls while in the car. A new income is generated for these two categories.


pamphlets Traffic Law Lebanon

Printing Company:
Enforcing the law required printing 3 million pamphlets that were distributed to the drivers on the first day, well that printing company sure witnessed its revenues skyrocket unlike previous months.
Photo credit: Daily Star

Road traffic law lebanon

And those who will benefit the most are
Lebanese Citizens:

Because we will be driving slowly we won’t be surprised by any bump, we can spot the potholes from far and won’t need to take our cars to the garage as often as we used to;) Talking about economizing money, well here you go! And for once we have the government to thank for that 🙂
Photo credit: Daily Star


The list is long, it includes the business which will print the “intelligent” plates, the company that will train the special traffic unit within the ISF, the new driving schools, the instructors who will teach at the new driving schools, the trainers who will train the instructors of the new driving schools and others.

You keep saying the Lebanese government does not create job opportunities or implements policies that drive growth! Well you are proven wrong 🙂

If you can think of other benefits, drop your analysis in the comment box below.


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    a new lie to be added to there old one ; sorry i was driving i couldnt answer your phone call. Also From now on gemayze street and mar mkhayel street will be empty at night because the driver not allowed to drink and drive so goodbye for the vaket parking job and welcome to the taxi job …..

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