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Hi there, I’m Maria Frangieh, working in the online field for 11 years now. I am in my last year of Doctorate in Web technologies and knowledge management. My doctorate covers how Web 2.0 tools can be useful tools in a company improving the performance of employees and the organization. I am a university lecturer, trainer in Blue Ocean Strategy Simulations and a consultant in social media strategy, with a passion for cars (from a girl’s perspective). I look forward to connect with you and read your comments.

This website is dedicated to share my own views about mainly Web and Digital technologies, Economics, Cars, Fashion and some here and there topics.

Hope you will enjoy my posts.

All guest blogs are welcome, simply email it to maria@mariafrangieh.com

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Address: Lebanon, Beirut, Naccache, Zone Rouge


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    Hello there Maria! My name is Harry.
    You have a great blog there, can really feel the expert writing – really enjoy your style 🙂

    I run a car related blog on wordpress, and I have already linked from my blog to yours.

    I would be honored if you could do the same.
    Thanks, Harry

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