Fashion and Style: Travel in Style with a Black Casual Outfit

Travel in style! This outfit is just the perfect way to dress when traveling, classy, chic and yet very simple.


Travel Style Fashion


Have a safe trip!

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    I think the high heels should go, I find it ridiculous when I see women not being able to travel comfortable for the sake of fashion, is kind of superficial 😀 I am not saying this young lady doesn’t look good, because she does, but high heels are not appropriate for traveling, definitely not comfortable. Of course, everyone has the right to wear whatever they feel like, so if heels make them happy, so be it 😀

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      Hehe you do have a point, high heels aren’t very comfortable when traveling, but if the trips are short they are ok 🙂 Thank you for sharing your opinion, well appreciated 🙂

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