FoodBlessed Fighting Against Hunger in Lebanon

While meeting with friends for coffee, we brought up the famous “poor and hungry” topic. I personally am not much aware of the hunger fighting initiatives in Lebanon but when a friend introduced FoodBlessed initiative I thought it was important to share it with you.


You can feel the love from the first sentence highlighted in orange on every page:


They have fed 4,300 persons so far (I love the counter on the home page of the website). This initiative is ran by Lebanese volunteers and has been very active, check out their news. These hunger heroes have united to feed as many families as they can.

If you were wondering how to contribute, here is the procedure: :

“With only 25$, you can donate a foodblessed Mouneh package to a family in need. A foodblessed Mouneh Package is designated for a family of 5 and covers their basic needs for a month. Each package contains rice, lentils, chick peas, beans, vegetable oil, sugar, salt, flour, powder milk, pasta, canned tuna, canned sardines, cheese, luncheon meat, haleweh, cornflakes among other items. These packages are delivered to the NGO partners that in turn distribute them to families in need.”

You can also donate here, the target is to raise $8,000 in the coming 24 days and they have raised $805 so far.

Feeling blessed and you want to share it? Volunteer here.

You can also get the latest updates of Foodblessed on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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